“We are changing the world with technology.” – Bill Gates


“How we look at the world of learning. That’s what gives us our unique viewpoint.”

Our vision, at Ramagya Institute, is to reach the pinnacle in the domain of test preparation, helping candidates hone their skills in a competitive world by helping them learn through pedagogy that suits their customised requirements. In the process, we aspire to become a world-class center for learning and innovation, driven by an acute understanding of social sensitivity and state-of-the-art technology.


“Our mission is not just to impart knowledge.But to connect to those who receive it.”

A student evolves at every stage of education. At Ramagya Institute, it is our mission to participate in various spheres of the process, playing a pivotal role in the growth and evolution of a student. We endeavor to connect with every participant through the development and usage of efficient tools for better delivery, connectivity, and absorption of content by application of modern technology.


“Using the latest in the present technology, to create the world for the future.”

With a legacy of expertise and knowledge that spans over a decade, we are here to establish new standards in the test preparation domain, raising the bar every year. With every batch of wonderful and talented students that choose us as their destination for the preparation of competitive exams. We’re expanding our horizons, including more competitive exams year after year, giving every student of ours, at Ramagya Institute an advantage of knowledge and technology.Creating such a niche, however, is no easy task. It calls for unwavering commitment, tenacity, hard work and a host of other traits to become an institution that’s reputed for the quality of education that’s imparted.

Here’s a look at how we achieve this objective unfailingly:

Making the most of the latest technology

  • Integrating iPads and computers in our learning process
  • Creating digital and online applications for learning
  • Maintaining state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure
  • Maintaining a roster of experienced and certified faculty

Creating student groups on the basis of ability

  • Grouping students according to knowledge and aptitude
  • Speeding up the learning process with students at similar levels
  • Gradually increasing the pace of learning in weak areas

Focusing on the quality of education instead of quantity

  • Creating smaller classrooms with fewer students
  • Giving better individual attention to every student
  • Making education interactive and participative
  • Personalising the learning structure on the basis of the student

Giving access to unparalleled online resources

  • Making online resources available, in addition to course manuals
  • Granting access to extensive online lessons
  • Creating a virtual learning environment through online lessons, tests, and brain booster