Albert Einstien famously said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish bu its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”. That’s why, over the years, we have studied our students and their learning processes meticulously at Ramagya Institute. That has led to us our unique and customized approach to the process of absorbing knowledge and education – Flexilearn.

With Flexilearn, your education with us is tailored to your requirements, much like a fine suit that fits you perfectly. Under the Flexilearn pattern,your teacher will assign tutorials and activities to complete in the office exercises. These online exercises are synchronized with both your study material and your face-to-face classroom topics.

Here’s a quick glance at everything that Flexilearn offers as a powerful and sophisticated self-study learning:

  • Cloud-based learning material

    We have a centralized cloud sever and all our resources i.e. Study Material, Online lists, iExercises are regularly created, updated and uploaded to our server. All our registered students have access to it once they login. All These resources are android and iOS friendly and user can access it using any devices i.e. desktop, laptop, tablets or mobile anytime anywhere.

  • Flip classes:

    Using the concept of flip classes we divide the regular class into small groups and a concept sheet with examples on a particular topic is given to each student. Students discuss among themselves on that particular topic. They are supposed to solve each question in the concept sheet. After this process the teacher pitches in and they clear each and every doubt of each student whether it is conceptual or analytical .This is a very effective way of learning.

  • Dermatoglyphics based adaptive learning:

    Using a specialized biometric system and analysis toolswe can measure the attention, the choice and academic need of a student. This gives us great insight into an individual and we reshuffle students according to their ability and depending on requirement we provide remedial classes to desired students.

  • Live practice sessions:

    Apart from chapter practice problems in the class we also conduct live practice sessions using our online live systems so that students can solve problems in real time in front of teacher.

  • Updates and information about the latest events, activities and excursions:

    All information regarding academics, tests, a government policies and announcements regarding these exams are regularly updated and uploaded so that students are well informed.

  • Educational audios and videos from guest lectures and teachers:

    Apart from our own regular lecturers we time to time call senior professors to deliver lectures to our students as guest professors. They are highly qualified and highly experienced. We also make videos of these lectures available online as a part of an archive so that students can access them as per their convenience.

  • 24x7 learning and real time doubt clearing sessions:

    Our doubt clearing sessions are very strong. Students can also ask doubts before classes, during classes, after the classes and they can also ask for extra time. Teachers are instructed to be very cordial and prompt in dealing with the doubts. Apart from this we have our own live interactive system such that we can connect with students anytime and we can clear their doubts. It’s two-way audio and two way video system and with the help of white board (digital board) any doubt can be cleared as it can be done in a physical classroom.

  • Algorithm-based analysis of results:

    Tests are conducted regularly in terms of class tests, module tests and full syllabus tests. These tests are conducted online well as offline. Results are prepared and it is shared with parents. Results are prepared on micro level. It is done topic-wise as well as subtopic wise. It’s comparative in nature i.e. it analyses the results depending on nature of questions.

  • Online iExercises to reinforce classroom work and enhance skills:

    Apart from practice papers which are given in the class, students also get iexercises. These exercises are made available to them through our online tools and students are supposed to solve these exercises. Once they solve and submit it online, they instantaneously get report and solution to each and every questions. Solutions are self-explanatory.

  • Accurate and consistent tracking of progress in real-time:

    We have a rank predictor which is based on 25 years of past results. It accurately predicts the relative ranking of a student based on their performance in any particular test. It can be used anytime to know the relative performance of a student on the basis of national merit basis. We call it Know Your Rank.

  • Peer-to-peer based learning enabled:

    All students can login simultaneously and they can discuss among themselves using discussion forum. They can discuss any problem anytime among themselves. It can be done online as well as offline.

  • Access to one-to-one private lessons for doubts:

    Either all students are asked to login for online doubt clearing sessions simultaneously or it is conducted on one to one basis depending on need of the student. We have made sure that every student gets the liberty they require in order to be unhesitant while presenting their doubts.

  • Access to a personalised class timetable:

    Apart from regular time table and schedule personalized timetabled is also shared with students depending on their need and extra help required by any student.

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