Praveen Kumar

B.Tech. (Civil) IIT Kharagpur Director (Academics)

“To experience the satisfaction and enjoyment of success in life, a definitive goal is essential. And to prove attainable, its image needs to be honed continually so that it stands out vividly in your thoughts. You must know at all times, precisely and for certain, what to accomplish and achieve. Strong and organized purposefulness towards a definite objective will forge your powers into a strong motivation to attain your goal.

Since we began, we have constantly strived for excellence. Like for the many young minds we have shaped, it’s the winning sprit that has been of the essence. And winning is possible only when one has the power to perceive the need of the hour.

Today, we enjoy a track record of unparalleled results. And with the demand from students growing exponentially, it’s time for us to move closer to them. Needless to say, the endeavour to nurture and even further enrich the quality of education will be our constant focus. As for the rest, there will always be changes, undoubtedly for the better.”

(Praveen Kumar is an acknowledged leader and visionary in IIT-JEE and Test Prep( NEET, NTSE, OLYMPIADS) training and technology based education. Recognizing his pioneering and entrepreneurial work, Hughes Communication India Ltd. a sister concern of USA based company HUGHES Network conferred on Mr. Praveen its prestigious Entrepreneur Award in 2006 for conducting satellite based management programs from world renowned institutes like IIMs, IIFT, XLRI, Cornell University ... After completing Civil Engineering from IIT Kharagpur, he founded ‘Toppers’ at Patna to prepare students for IIT-JEE . He got Gold Medal for achieving highest marks in Mathematics in IIT-JEE. His success story is legendary. In 2002 he started Executive Management programs in association with Hughes Communications India Ltd. and IT training programs with New Horizons, both US based companies. He moved to New Delhi in 2008. In 2010 he started Toppers eLearning to impart quality and technology based education and run programs in Dubai. His path-breaking strategy – Concepts, Practice and Application has helped thousands of students get through to IIT-JEE and various other engineering entrance exams.. At a time when the exam pattern is constantly changing, his insights have proven priceless)

Education is the basis of the entire civilisation. From technology to evolution, learning and education play a crucial role in every aspect of life. That’s why it’s imperative that those who are imparting the education aren’t just qualified in their chosen field, but are masters of the domain they lead their students into.
At Ramagya  for over decades, we have followed an uncompromising and unwavering commitment to finding and recruiting the finest educators and teachers for our students to give them an edge in this fiercely competitive world.

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