Ramagya in association with Singapore based group of companies introduces for the first time in India, the concept of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis. The analytics involves genetic brain mapping with fingerprints which are unique for every individual in the world. The concept of identifying Multiple Intelligence has been awarded Noble prize. The science of DMI has global presence in Australia, China, USA, UK, Middle East, Sri Lanka, Japan and Russia.

Every child is special and born with unique talents but shocking is that these days only 2-3% of the parents are aware of difference between inborn talent & interest of their child. So, we are here with a revolutionary technology known as DMIT which tells you about behavior, personality, learning style quotients, inborn talent and interest of your child. We will guide you to know how to improve and get best results in future. This concept can change your perspective towards your child and will make a great bond with your kids.


What do you want your child be?

Is your child your property?

Are you smarter than God?

Are you a concerned Parent?

How is your relation with your child?

Are you an emotional person?

Do you believe in taking risk?

How do you learn a thing (Visual, Kinesthetics, Auditory)

How do you learn a thing (Visual, Kinesthetics, Auditory)?

Is your child a multi-tasking child?

Do you know who you are?

Do you really know your child?

Your expectations or your child's interest?

Is your child your friend?

Are you a responsible Parent?

Is your child a reverse thinker?

Are you a logical person?

Are you hungry for appreciation?

Why do we focus only on IQ?

Why do children get nervous during examinations?

Does your child have stage phobia?

How does your child respond to situations?

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