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We are proud to announce our Top Rankers of 2018 from our 1st Batch of 2 Year Classroom Programme


Aditya Kumar | 2 Year Classroom Programme

1I joined Ramagya with lots of hopes and ambitions, after attending a few classes I realised that it has been a perfect choice as far as coaching is concerned. It’s a wonderful institute where teachers are very friendly and cooperative. The infrastructure is lively and study material is extensive and comprehensive. It’s a smart institute with entire test facilities, live doubt clearing sessions and flexi classes. They call it as Flexilearn Technology. It has been great to be at Ramagya. I wish all its students a great success!


Ashish Maheshwari | 2 Year Classroom Programme (Weekend)

1Myself Ashish Maheshwari, a student of Ramagya Institute have secured an AIR 158 in NEET, 2018 with a score of 648. My success goes to Ramagya Institute and all the teachers who continuously support to keep me motivated in all the time. The test held at Ramagya Institute very scientifically designed and due to this timely test. My confidence was enhanced. I once again thanks to Ramagya Institute to give me the best results in NEET – 2018.


Sonu Kumar | 1 Year Dropper Batch


I, Sonu Kumar Gupta, have cracked JEE ADVANCED with rank 1017 and JEE MAINS with AIR 155. The credit is well deserved by the whole team of Ramagya Institute and my parents. Without their support, I would not have been here. This journey to success began by joining Ramagaya Institute which really impressed me with its study material and test paper.

Best IIT JEE institute in Noida

Every student here is unique and so is their learning process with Flexilearn

Albert Einstein famously said, ” Everybody is genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” That’s why, over the years, we have studied our students and their learning processes meticulously at Ramagya Institute. That has led us to our unique and customised approach to the process of absorbing knowledge and education – Flexilearn.

With Flexilearn, your education with us is tailored to your requirements, much like a fine suit that fits you perfectly.Under the Flexilearn pattern, your teacher will assign tutorials and activities for you to compete in the online exercises. These online exercises are synchronised with both your study material and your face to face classroom topics.

Here’s a quick glance at everything that Flexilearn offers as a powerful and sophisticated self-study tool of learning:


With a legacy of expertise and knowledge that spans over a decade, we are here to establish new standards in the test preparation domain, raising the bar every year. With every batch of wonderful and talented students that choose us as their destination for the preparation of competitive exams. We’re expanding our horizons, including more competitive exams year after year, giving every student of ours, at Ramagya Institute an advantage of knowledge and technology.Creating such a niche, however, is no easy task. It calls for unwavering commitment, tenacity, hard work and a host of other traits to become an institution that’s reputed for the quality of education that’s imparted.

To that end, we have created our unique Flexilearn method of preparation. It allows the student to use state-of-art learning tools like integration of iPads,laptops & desktops(both Mac and Windows platforms) in the learning process. In addition to that, digital and online applications for learning allow a student to keep learning, even when away from classroom. This top-of-the-line system of education is further bolstered by expert and experienced faculty from revered institutions like IIT’s.

In other words, technology can do wonders for education, if put to good use. And that’s exactly what we have been doing at Ramagya Institute. Join us for an uplifting learning experience that spells success.

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Ramagya iTutor

Break free from your local average tuitions and from the constraints of lack of good study material – get Ramagya high-quality lectures and material right at your fingertips.

Ramagya Live

Get online live interactive classes by top Ramagya faculty at the comfort of your home.


KV LOGO-01 (2)

Knowledge Vista is an online portal which provides online courses for students preparing for IIT-JEE, NEET & Foundation. Courses from Knowledge Vista give students the freedom to learn at their own pace, to push themselves further, achieve their best possible mission, to develop meaningful inquiry skills to connect, synthesize and analyze problems, build the study skills for success at a higher level. We have key insights into unlocking the IIT- JEE, NEET, and techniques that will help discipline the way of thinking. Knowledge Vista is an initiative of Ramagya and Toppers.



Our classroom course is one-stop solution provider for JEE & Other Entrance Exams which has won the trust of thousands of people making us a unique brand.


We prepare the students in advance by meticulously designed study material that helps them comprehend the fundamentals which provides excellent learning.


Our iTutor is an innovative e-Learning program which provides excellent learning content on PC, Tablet and Mobile for School/Board and Other Competitive Exams.

An educational initiative by Ramagya Institute for Gems 30 Batch

An exclusive batch for extra-ordinary students. Join this batch and avail 100% Scholarship

Ramagya’s Intelligent Learning System gets to know student’s and their learning style by analyzing mistakes they make, like a real Master, and tailors their best coaching for IIT JEE in Noida experience accordingly. At the same time, we give them the knowledge, techniques and test-taking strategies they need. Student’s instincts and time awareness will also need to be sharpened before we allow them to go out there on their own.

We offer One year and Two year classroom programs for Top IIT JEE preparation in Noida (face to face as well as online live interactive classroom programs). These  courses prepare students for their Board Exams as well as JEE Main and JEE Advanced and NEET . Apart from this we also have Correspondence Programs, Online Study Material, Online Tests and Real Time Live Interactive Programs. Ramagya Institute is the best coaching institute for IIT JEE in Noida.

Exclusive Batch for Exclusive Students: For Academically brilliant students we are forming an exclusive batch and we will admit only 30 students. The best minds from IITs and other highly qualified and experienced faculty will take classes. Apart from classes tutorial sessions will be held to clear doubts on the spot. The best of learning resources will be provided to these students.


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