JEE Main & Advanced Programs

At Ramagya Institute, we have crafted courses for competitive engineering exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT and others. We have two course structures available – one for a one year course and the other for a two year course.
Here’s glance at how the courses are planned and executed for maximum results

Course Quality

    -Usage of the latest in technology
    -Powered by expertise in the educational design and development
    -State-of-the-art Synchronous Learning Technology
    -Learning Management System with online assessments and tests
    -Access to the finest faculty simultaneously in various cities globally
    -Class archives and class room session reply-on-request
    -Unparalleled classes and classroom experience
    -Classes in small batches for better focus on students
    -Tutorials, quizzes, practice sessions and module tests
    -Peer-to-peer collaboration among students
    -Transcript for tests and course material for students

Study Material

“Studying is not about getting all the marks. It’s about leaving a mark with your performance.”

At Ramagya Institute, we prepare students for some of the most competitive exams in the country. And our objective is to give them an advantage with the finest study material. That’s why we have created an exhaustive and complete Lesson wise Study Material.

We provide our students with a set of Lessons that have been specially designed to ensure comprehension of even the most difficult topics. Every key concept is explained using carefully chosen questions with stepwise solutions which explain application of the concept.

Here’s a quick glance at everything that our study material includes:

Offline and Online Tests

  • Testing system based on benchmarking, analysis and a complete diagnosis
  • Every test followed by an analysis and solutions
  • Students receive a comprehensive report of their performance
  • Practice Test Papers (chapter wise tests) for every chapter
  • Scheduled Tests (part tests) based on the current pattern
  • Micro-level analysis of each test as well as the topper of the test
  • The students are given information regarding the chapters where they need improvement
  • Students are eligible to write the Online Daily Practice Paper
  • Students are eligible to write the All India Online Test Series (Simulation Tests)

Worksheets (Chapter Practice Problems)

  • A comprehensive set of worksheets at the end of every chapter (Chapter Practice Problems)
  • Scientifically categorized by difficulty level, type, previous years, application, theory etc.
  • Separate worksheets for numerical and objective questions

All India Online Test Series (Simulation Test)

  • Provide multiple opportunities to face entrance exams
  • Simulate the environment of the actual examinations
  • Designed to enhance examination taking skills
  • Crafted to inculcate competitive spirit in all participants
  • The test paper level at par with actual exam
  • Followed by the latest trend of the examination
  • Aimed at giving adequate insight about the latest examination pattern
  • Targeted at enhancing scoring ability for each candidate


  • Chapter-wise questions with their answers compiled as a part of program
  • Available for students’ reference and practice of skills and knowledge
  • All India ranking system for better understanding of the process
  • Allows access to the expected All India rank on the basis of expected marks subjects
  • Online results, reports, and feedback
  • Online student and parent reports with smart reports
  • Monitors progress, performance, and homework tracking
  • Adaptive Online Instruction with Smart Track customized study plan

All India Ranking System

  • Allows you to predict and know your expected All India Rank
  • Based on the obtained or expected marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

Online Results, Reports and Feedback

  • Online student and parent Reports
  • Smart reports on progress, performance, and homework tracking
  • Adaptive Online Instruction with Smart Track customised study plan

Doubt clearing sessions

  • Catering to the needs of every individual student
  • Focus on Board as well as Competitive Examinations
  • Eliminates the need of additional tuitions


  • What is analytical thinking
  • Time Management
  • Maximizing Performance
  • Managing Stress in Grade XII
  • Designed and conducted by the experts of eLearning

For students of Grade XI

Two-year program one of the most effective courses for IIT-JEE 
Also, focuses on Board examination preparation
This program prepares students for both the IIT-JEE and school curriculum 
Subjects focused on are Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics
Extra care to ensure that the sudden transition from Grade X to XI goes smoothly 
Along with transition, focus on simultaneous IIT-JEE preparation
Focus on motivating the students regularly, along with expert tips

Course Structure and Flow

  • Program is divided into 5 modules
  • Module designed like a school semester
  • Contain a collection of topics of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics
  • 3 modules are conducted in the first year for students in Grade XI
  • 2 modules in the second year for students in Grade XII

Course structure in the first year

  • The first module covers topics of PCM that is part of Grade XI Board syllabus
  • Includes topics where in the Board and IIT-JEE level requirements are same
  • Teaching commences from basic level
  • Raised to Board level and further to IIT-JEE level
  • 2 Board pattern tests and 1 IIT-JEE pattern test conducted
  • Tests ensure students have assimilated topics taught in the first module
  • The answer sheets evaluated and feedback given with suggestions
  • The second and third module deals with advanced topics in Grade XI
  • Focus on topics where IIT-JEE level is higher than the Board level
  • Focus on tackling of complex problems
  • IIT-JEE level concepts and applications dealt with after Board has been achieved
  • Each topic covered simultaneously for Board level as well as IIT-JEE level

Course structure in the Second year

  • In Grade XII each topic simultaneously covered for Board and IIT-JEE level
  • Topics of Grade XII Board syllabus not included in IIT-JEE syllabus also covered


  • Duration of Course: Two years
  • Class frequency: Thrice or four times a week for three or four hours a day
  • Total number of hours: 700

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